1. Registration

You register on the platform. If desired, you create a public profile of your company

2. Requirements

You determine the requirements for a talent who is more in line with your job opening

3. Search

By using search filters, you find a talent that meets your requirements

4. Contact

You contact a 4HIRES Agent to discuss the opening, talent and organization of an interview

5. Interviews

A 4HIRES Agent organizes your interview with a talent. You decide how much he/she suits you

6. Hiring

Upon hiring, you pay a commission to 4HIRES in the amount of 0.5 month’s salary of the talent


It helps them hire better, faster and also makes the process less costly. 4HIRES gives you access to a unique pool of Middle+ talents that are vetted, interviewed and ready to consider your offers. These are the best talents on the market who often don’t actively search for a job and are usually hidden from the companies’ 'radars'.

By using 4HIRES, you reduce the time and cost of hiring top talents by up to 300%. With our help, you will be able to close more job openings in the same period of time.

Unlike other platforms, the profiles of talents at 4HIRES are created by professional recruiters after a selection among hundreds of other applicants. A 4HIRES talent profile not only gives you a high-quality display of the basic skills and experience of a talent but also information about their preferences and requirements for a new job. Thus, it allows you to make a more precise decision even at the initial stages of selection.

All communication about a talent is done through their 4HIRES Career Agent. Choose the talent that interests you. Send a description of your opening to their Agent and request feedback from them. If the Agent finds your job suitable for the talent, they will contact you to discuss the details and organization of an interview.

To decrease your potential risks, we divide our fee into three monthly payments:


  • 1st payment - when you sign a contract with a talent or he/she starts working in your company
  • 2nd payment  - at the beginning of 2nd month of his/her work in your company
  • 3rd payment  - at the beginning of 3rd month of his/her work in your company. 

This way you pay only when talent continues to work for you. If he/she left the company earlier than 3 moths period, you won't pay the next payment (s).

Any violation of the rules of the platform (and in particular, the payment of a commission for a hired talent) leads to a deterioration in the rating of the employer and decreases their position in the ranking. This makes the next transaction on 4HIRES highly unlikely.

The authenticity, completeness and reliability of each talent’s data are checked by a dedicated 4HIRES Agent. In addition, the publication of a profile on the platform implies that it has been thoroughly vetted and approved by the talents themselves.

4HIRES is an open platform developed and expanded by its participants. If you want to see more selected talents from your city, tell other companies in your region about 4HIRES.