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You apply for the selection and creation of a profile on the platform, spending no more than a minute

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With the help of a personal Career Agent, you create a profile that displays your key information 

3. Promotion

4HIRES carries out your targeted promotion among thousands of relevant employers and vacancies

4. Selection

Companies check your profile and send their requests to your Career Agent who then selects the best of them

5. Interview

Your personal Agent discusses selected job openings with you and organizes your interview with companies

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You accept the job offer that is more in line with your personal requirements, interests and expectations

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Don’t be distracted by recruiters’ calls and processing of job openings. Now it is your Agent’s concern

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Assess current market interest in your skills and possible job openings without revealing your identity

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You only get job openings that take full advantage of your current skills and requirements for a new job

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